The Apple iPad Mini could see sales of up to 6 million units this holiday?

The Apple iPad Mini rumors are gathering steam with every passing day, with the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reporting that it’s just a matter of time before Apple launches a smaller version of its popular iPad tablet. Now, an analyst has already come up with a prediction of just how well the iPad Mini will do. He estimates sales of 4 to 6 million units. If he’s right, the iPad Mini could be quite the success story for Apple.


"We believe this implies that Apple could sell 4-6 million smaller iPads in the December quarter, assuming a holiday launch. If the launch occurs in (the fourth quarter), we believe the smaller iPad would add about 1% to revenue and (earnings per share) in December." – analyst Gene Munster (with Piper Jaffray) on Monday.


The assumption in most quarters is that Apple will price the 16 GB variant of the iPad Mini at $299. If it were to be true, it would find quite a sweet spot between 2 of Apple’s older (and hence cheaper) products: the $199 iPod Touch, and the $399 iPad 2 (with the former being the basic 8 GB version, and the latter being a 16 GB WiFi only version). It would also severely undercut most Android tablets out there, given that most of the slates from the likes of Samsung and Acer happen to cost a considerable bit more than $299. Moreover, thanks to the considerable clout that the Apple brand enjoys, it might even give the Kindle Fire a run for its money, despite the latter’s cost being a whole $100 less than the upcoming Apple tablet.


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