Russian dev hacks iOS to make in app purchases free

iOS has been a major attraction for devs worldwide for two reasons – Apple devices don’t suffer from Android’s fragmentation issues, and there’s a lot of money to be made if an app is any good. Apple has managed to successfully prevent iOS apps being sideloaded in iDevices, preventing any of the piracy concerns that Android devs tend to have. Moreover, the in app purchasing system is robust and works great, bringing in a good deal of revenue for both the developer and Apple itself.




A rather basic iOS hack may change all that, though. A Russian developer has managed to find a way of dodging the payment system integrated into iOS, with the help of a couple of security certificates and changing a DNS record. In other words, it is possible for a user to get almost any in app purchase for free. What’s even more amazing is that this simple hack doesn’t need you to jailbreak your Apple device, and it can work in all iOS versions, ranging from 3.0 to 6.0.


It isn’t without some collateral though. 9to5Mac claims that the using the hack makes the dev servers pull in a good deal of user data, as stated below

-restriction level of app


-id of app


-id of version


-guid of your idevice


-quantity of in-app purchase


-offer name of in-app purchase


-language you are using


-identifier of application


-version of application


-your locale


The hack isn’t working in every single in app purchase either. Certain apps tend to have location based in-app purchases, and that cannot be circumvented just yet.


Given that this hack is working without any real need for modifying iOS will be a cause of worry for Apple. Hacks like this tend to be synonymous with jailbroken devices, but this needs nothing of that sort. It goes without saying that Apple will have to act quickly, as in-app revenues are a huge part of how they make money from iOS.



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