Opera Software: iOS is most effective platform for mobile ads

There are a number of reasons why both developers and advertisers target iPhone and iPad users more than any other device owners, and they don’t involve Apple’s (in)famous reality distortion effect.

With a robust payment system and a walled garden approach, Apple tries to get more people (or companies) to provide more content for users, with the incentive of getting to target users willing to pay for premium content. In turn, it attracts additional customers with the lure of access to a much, much larger content ecosystem than absolutely any competing platform, and also making it clear that content had to be paid for, and there wasn’t any way to circumvent the payments. This entire arrangement is similar to a chicken and an egg scenario – cause and effect are inexorably linked there.


Now, a report from Opera Software, entitled ‘State of Mobile Advertising’, claims that iOS is also the most effective of all platforms when it comes to mobile advertising. Apple Insider reports: “during the second quarter of 2012 iOS devices averaged an effective cost per mille (eCPM) of $2.85, managing to edge out handsets running Google's Android OS which came in second with an average $2.10 eCPM…..As iOS and Android dominate the market, other platforms like RIM's BlackBerry and Nokia's now-defunct Symbian OS are left far behind with $0.64 eCPM and $0.59 eCPM, respectively. Coming in last among the branded platforms is Microsoft's Windows Phone which managed an eCPM of $0.20. The Java-based J2ME platform was combined with all other operating systems to average a $1.01 eCPM.”

The Apple iPad proved to be the most effective commons, with an eCPM of $3.64. The Apple iPhone, on the other hand, proved to be the biggest gainer in revenues in this quarter (with a stake of over $34(and the largest driver of web traffic too, according to the Opera  report.



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