More iPad Mini rumors crop up – to launch soon, and cost $249 - $299?


There probably are few tablets that can match the Apple iPad Mini in being the subject of endless hype and speculation. The funny thing is that Apple has never publicly made even the slightest mention of the existence of such a product. Moreover, their ex-CEO, Steve Jobs, had been vehement about the fact that the size of the iPad was/is ‘just right’, even in the face of smaller Android tablets succeeding in the market. Now, however, multiple analysts have been getting more and more certain about the existence of a smaller sized cousin of the bestselling Apple tablet.


Going by what the folks at UnWired View have to say, the new Apple iPad Mini will cost anywhere from $249 to $299. This may not be quite as cheap as the humongously popular Amazon Kindle, and the recently launched Google Nexus 7 tablet, but it strikes a sweet spot as it undercuts a lot of its rivals otherwise. The 9.7 inch iPad 2, for instance, is still being sold and is doing quite well. But with a $399 price tag, now it risks being supplanted by the iPad 2. The hordes of top range Android tablets (such as the ASUS Transformer and the top end Samsung Galaxy Tabs) face a huge risk of being pushed out of the market themselves.


Prior to its launch, the new third generation iPad had been rumored to have IGZO display panels manufactured by Sharp, but those rumors proved to be unfounded. Now, even the iPad Mini is being rumored to have those displays, and it remains to be seen whether there’s any truth in those rumors.


With a late 2012 launch being expected in most quarters, the iPad Mini may just get launched along with the iPhone 5 later this year.


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