iPad Mini mold case photos get leaked

The folks at Gotta Be Mobile have managed to get hold of exclusive photos of an iPad Mini ‘engineering sample’. In simpler words, an engineering sample is a mold case that gives a reasonably accurate indication of the physical dimensions of a product. For all the speculation related to the iPad Mini, its dimensions have had widely varying figures being thrown about.

Apparently, the engineering sample photos are from the same ‘trusted source’ in Apple’s supply chain that leaked the early iPhone 5 engineering sample images.

The photos indicate that the iPad Mini is somewhat thinner than the current third gen iPad, but it is also only two thirds of the latter’s size. The dock connector is apparently a 19 pin one, making it smaller than current connectors and apparently the same one as the iPhone 5. Moreover, there are two speakers in the iPad Mini, unlike the three 9.7 inch iPads that have released so far. They’ve had to make do with just a single speaker (though the third gen may get an additional speaker in a rumored refresh that is said to be coming soon).
Gotta Be Mobile’s estimates indicate that the iPad Mini will be “around 213.36mm tall and about 143.67mm wide”. While that’s a whole lot smaller than the 9.7 inch third gen iPad, it is over 20 mm wider than the 7 inch Google Nexus tablet. This may mean that the rumors of it being a larger iPod Nano of sorts may have some truth to them after all, or maybe the 7.85 inch (a size that is often attributed to the iPad Mini’s screen by major tech publications) screen may be making the iPad Mini significantly larger than your average 7 inch tablet.


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