Google brings Drive to the iPad and iPhone now

After the Google I/O conference, Google’s newest plans for the iOS platform became a lot clearer with the launch of the Chrome browser for mobile platforms. The Google browser had been long awaited as a quality alternative to the default Safari web browser provided by Apple, and with the sheer amount of critical and popular acclaim it received after its launch in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, it was a matter of time before it came to Apple devices.

Now that the Chrome launch is done with, Google has launched its Google Drive suite to Apple’s series of iPads and iPhones. Drive is a sleek new cloud based app that has replaced the erstwhile Google Docs, and also acts as a cloud storage medium. It is considered to be an impressive collaborative tool, and with over 10 million users having signed up for it since its launch 3 months back, it has made quite the name for itself.

Google’s director of product management, Clay Bavor, demoed the Google Drive app for the iPad after its launch, and there were quite a few cool features in it. For instance, if you had stored photos of a trip you’d taken to a place, Google’s smart image recognition tech would bring up the relevant image for you in a search. Bayor displayed photos from a trip he’d taken to Egypt in his demo, and by just searching for ‘pyramid’, a relevant photo turned up, without any need of an individual tag for it.

With an ever expanding suite of services, Google is making its presence felt in the iOS ecosystem. The Android platform has been a huge success for it (at least when it comes to smartphones), but the Mountain View company is making sure that the massive iOS device market doesn’t remain untapped either.


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