German court: Motorola doesn’t infringe on Apple iPad

Apple has been on a public spree of suing practically every Android OEM in recent months. Samsung has faced the brunt of it, for reason that one could argue primarily revolve around its Galaxy Tab series of Android tablets being the biggest iPad competitors around till the Amazon Kindle Fire came along. Apple has had its guns trained on Motorola Mobility for quite a while too.



Motorola’s Xoom tablet was the first Honeycomb (aka Android 3.x) tablet in the market, and while it was far from a success in terms of sales, it did make quite a splash in the tablet market scene. What further muddies the waters is that Apple has never directly targeted Google, the creator of Android, for any apparent infringements in the mobile OS. But Motorola is now a subsidiary of Google Inc., and in many quarters, Apple’s legal attack on Motorola in European courts was being interpreted as a proxy battle against the search giant.


Apple had sued Motorola for allegedly infringing on three of its design patents in making the Xoom, and were the Cupertino company to be successful, the Xoom wouldn’t have been allowed to be sold in all of the European Union. As it turns out though, reports indicate that Apple have lost their case against Moto, with a court in a German court ruling that the Android tablet didn’t infringe on the Apple tablet in any way.


Motorola is said to have countersued Apple, so as to get its European design registration for the iPad canceled, but that was similarly dismissed. As a result, Apple will have to bear two thirds of the total legal expenses, while the rest will have to be paid for by Motorola Mobility.


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