Free App of the Week: Little Fox Music Box

Apple’s latest offering in App Store’s Free App of the Week segment is proving to be a delight for kids. Little Fox Music Box is a sing-along app designed for kids 2-6 years old. This app features 3 immensely popular songs, namely, London Bridge, Evening Song and Old Macdonald had a farm. Each song comes with richly detailed and interactive illustrations created by Heidi Wittlinger and Shape Minds Berlin.


When the app is launched on an iPad, the user is greeted with a beautiful loading screen. In the main menu, the user can select which one of the three songs has to be played. There’s also an option to play the song in karaoke mode. Once the song is loaded, the song starts playing in a child’s voice, in the background. The screen itself is filled with an illustration, featuring over 100 interactive elements. The user can tap on various areas of the screen to activate numerous delightful animations. For example, when tapped, the chicks in the Old Macdonald song perform acrobatics.

Although the app has been criticized for having only 3 songs, the developers have made up for it, to some extent, by including a mini game, called Fox Studio, within the app. Fox studio can be accessed from the main menu, and it allows the user to create music with the Little Fox. There are quite a few items on screen that can be tapped to play different notes, beats, etc.

Overall, Little Fox Music box is a fun filled, musical app for kids. Get it from the App Store right now for free.


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