Best Buy: Customers returned Samsung Galaxy Tabs on realizing they weren’t iPads

The ongoing legal soap opera between Samsung and Apple has led to plenty of headline grabbing quotes & facts that often border on the outright bizarre. The latest to join the long queue of gems from the protracted legal saga is from internal Samsung documents from Best Buy.



The retailer apparently told the Korean electronics behemoth that the high rate of returns of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series of Android tablets could be explained by something rather simple: customers just couldn’t distinguish between the Galaxy Tabs and Apple’s iPads while they were buying the tablets from Best Buy. On realizing that they were not in fact getting Apple’s popular slates, the customers chose to return the Galaxy Tabs to Best Buy.

Moreover, Google is also said to have rapped the Korean company on the knuckles for the similarity in the design of Samsung’s tablets and the Apple iPad. It even asked them to work on making Galaxy Tabs have a "distinguishable design vis-à-vis the iPad".

Apart from the sheer ludicrousness of it all, Samsung definitely has more to lose from this story than just some revenues from returned Galaxy Tabs. The crux of their patent infringement saga with Apple lies in whether or not they copied the iPad’s design in making their Android tablets. With allegedly plenty of customers who just couldn’t distinguish between the two companies’ tablets, Apple definitely gets a shot in its arm in its efforts to prove that it has lost out on an inflated revenue figure due to Samsung copying their designs (and thereby confusing customers).


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