Apple to launch new third gen iPad in China on the 27th of July

Apple got entangled in quite a lengthy legal saga with Proview over the ‘iPad’ trademark. Despite initially refusing to back down one bit, Apple decided to finally settle with the Chinese company for a sum said to hover around the $60 million mark. With its legal troubles out of the way in the Land of the Dragon, Apple has lined up the launch of its third gen new iPad in China at long last.

Both and MIC Gadget have claimed that Apple will be launching its premier tablet in China on July 27. It will apparently be available for purchase in all of the six retail stores that Apple has launched in China, along with Suning electronics, one of the largest gadget retailers in China.

The Chinese government had been certified as suitable for sales by the Chinese government’s regulatory arm way back in the stretch of time between the end of March and the start of April. Owing to the Cupertino giant’s troubles with Proview, the new iPad has ended up with a much delayed launch date compared to, say, the iPad 2 last year. The previous gen Apple tablet had launched in the first week of May back then, and drawn massive crowds of Apple fans on the launch day.
Unlike Mainland China, Hong Kong was in the preliminary lot of countries where the new iPad had launched on its initial March 16 launch date, but it has taken the mainland an entire four months more to get the Apple itself.


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