Apple Maps being ported from iOS to OSX?

One of the headlining features of the upcoming iOS 6 was the spanking new Apple Maps app. Announced in WWDC 2012, it could do some really cool things while also serving a more important purpose in the larger scheme of things – kicking off Google from the default iOS platform. Apple Maps got received really well on the launch of the dev version of iOS 6, with a number of reviewers praising how snazzy and unique it was. As it stands, Apple may be bringing the Maps app to OSX quite soon.



Apple Maps features turn by turn navigation, a 3D flyover mode, real time updates of traffic conditions, vector graphics and can be fully integrated with Yelp. Apple has been spending a considerable amount of its huge cash war chest to acquire one mappingcompany after another, and Maps is a result of that.


Cody Cooper, a dev in touch with Techpp, managed to find some fascinating tidbits of information while exploring the Apple Maps app as it stands currently.


He managed to come across a file called altitude_manifest.xml. This file had  references to a few Intel graphics chipsets, albeit with some changes. Key features such as shading were disabled, no doubt due to Intel’s chipsets being infamously poor at rendering certain graphic features such as shaders. Mr. Cooper references this fact as well, and in all probability Apple will be bringing the Maps app to all Macs, even older ones, but in a slightly pared down version.


Techpp speculates that this find is linked with the imminent launch of the final version of Mac OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion later this month. Apple’s Maps may be the headlining feature for it too, just like it was for iOS 6.



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