Apple Mac ads aired during Olympics get panned

Apple has quite a storied past with making memorable advertisements. The 1984 themed commercial from back in the day is among the most influential and iconic ads ever made – something that became synonymous with Apple Inc. and brought it into national consciousness unlike anything before.

The Mac vs Windows ads of the late 90s made Apple get an inherent ‘coolness’ that persists till date. The only difference is that back then, it was cool, but just an alternative to the mainstream Windows option. Now, its mobile operating system, iOS, has helped it achieve stupendous commercial success, all while Apple is still perceived to have the same coolness that it did before.

The famous iPod commercials of the early part of this decade had the who’s who of the music industry chipping in with performances that etched the Apple music player in the world’s minds.

The above examples just go on to show how powerful ads can be in shaping public perception of a company. It is hard to argue with the fact that Apple is a company that knows how to make ads. This makes it all the more strange that its latest ads to promote its Mac OS for computers seem to be getting quite a negative response.

They’re described by The Verge as this:

“They all star a single actor who portrays an Apple Genius Bar employee, and stupidity appears to be the other unifying theme. It's the young genius' job to explain to two seemingly inept Mac users how to use their computers, and to let a would-be Mac buyer know that he's been deceived. They feel intellectually cheap. We have no idea how these got greenlit, much less how the company decided they were worth paying for a fraction of the $1 billion NBCUniversal made in Olympics-class airtime this year. “

Digital Trends didn’t have kind words to say either: “The third advertisement shows a consumer that lacks the intelligence to research the difference between an Apple computer and any other brand of computer, but finally understands after the Apple genius shows him the error of his purchase.

However, the man isn’t portrayed as a complete bumbling buffoon, but rather someone that got suckered into purchasing a laptop that was supposed to be like a MacBook by an unscrupulous, slimy PC salesperson.”

Have a look at the ads below and judge for yourself:



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