20 million iPads projected to be sold in Apple’s second quarter

With all due respect, you’ve probably been living under a rock (or something akin to a boulder, perhaps) in case you are unaware of the fact that the Apple iPad is the be all and end all of the tablet market currently. The only thing that is restricting it from being the single largest dominating force in the tablet world is the success of the Amazon Kindle Fire, arguably. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that an analyst has claimed that the Apple iPad will sell up to 20 million units in the current June quarter of 2012, should it?



An analyst from Needham & Company, Charlie Wolf, made the iPad sales claim in an official communication with the firm’s investors on the 12th of July. He raised his previous estimates (of over 13 million units being sold) to the significantly larger current figure, while claiming that the earlier estimate had been “hastily formulated”. He claimed that the day when iPad shipments exceed iPhone ones isn’t too far off, as incredible as that may sound. The backing logic provided by him was that the iPad was being accepted by businesses far more easily, and hence entering workplaces at an unprecedented rate. Moreover, with the Chinese launch of the iPad just a few days away, coupled with the much improved Chinese language support in iOS 6, the iPad’s sales may receive a significant shot in the arm in what should be a sheer matter of time.


If Apple does manage to live up to Wolf’s expectations, the iPad will have had its best ever quarter in terms of sales volume, and by some distance. Even in the holiday season, only 15 million iPads got sold. For that matter, in the same quarter last year, just 9.25 million units of the iPad 2 had been sold. Wolf’s prediction may be a tad too optimistic, what with the launch of the Google Nexus 7, and the rumored launch of the iPad Mini won’t help matters either. Then again, the iPad still is the most popular tablet around – it may just surprise everyone after all.


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