Apple iPad claimed 68% of tablet market share in Q2 2012: Strategy Analytics

Apple revealed its latest results just a couple of days back, and despite all the doom and gloom, saw a considerable rise in the sales of the new iPad over the previous quarter. Apple managed to sell a whopping 17 million units of its tablet – a considerable 5+ million rise in sales.


Now, renowned analytics firm, Strategy Analytics, has used its research findings from Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies (TTS) service to conclude that the iPad was doing remarkably well compared to its competition.


According to the firm’s findings, Q2 2012 saw global tablet shipments of a massive 24.9 million tablets. That is a jump of 10 million units compared to the year ago quarter in 2011. Out of the nearly 25 million tablets sold, 17 million of them were iPads alone. In case anyone had any doubts about the success of the new iPad, its market share of over 68% in this quarter alone should do away with them.


Android, in comparison, stayed at a market share of 29% in this quarter – exactly the same as the year ago quarter. Android tablets saw their global shipments rise by over 7 million units in the same quarter though. Strategy Analytics believes it is a combination of “Unspectacular hardware designs, limited uptake of cellular models and a modest number of tablet-optimized services” that have hindered Android’s growth, despite the presence of bigwigs such as ASUS, Amazon and Samsung in the market.




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