iPad Mini rumored to be produced in Foxconn Brazil; in line for starting in fall

Macotakara, a Japanese Apple news website, has quoted a “reliable” Chinese source claiming that the new iPad Mini is real. Moreover, while its CNC testing is said to have been completed in Foxconn’s famous Chinese unit, its actual production will take place in Foxconn’s Brazilian plant.


Foxconn Brazil is currently responsible for producing iPhones and selective models of the iPad. Macotakara’s source claims that Apple is trying to expedite its production so that the iPad Mini starts getting made from the fall season. The idea is simple enough – the iPad Mini has to be a moneyspinning effort for Apple, and hence it has to be available to the holiday season shoppers at all costs. September is the expected month for the production to start.


There has been a great deal of curiosity surrounding exactly what Apple plans to do with the smaller form factor of the iPad Mini. With a screen size of 7.85 inches and a resolution of 1024x768, it won’t have anything close to a Retina display, but will have a sharper screen than the iPad 2 for instance. According to the source, the iPad Mini is more an iPod than a smaller iPad. It is being cited to be a third gen iPod Nano of sorts, being wider than competing tablets such as the Nexus 7, and thinner than the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire.


The iPad Mini may also get 3G wireless connectivity thrown in good measure, according to the source. However, this source claims that the iPad Mini will not be available to some of the carriers currently selling iPads.


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