TIME finally coming to the Apple Newsstand

Apple’s Newsstand app has been quite the unqualified success for the Cupertino company, especially in its bestselling line of iPads. Newsstand was envisioned to be a convenient way to download digital versions of newspapers and magazines, and with Apple’s considerable clout, it managed to get practically every major news outlet worth its salt available in Newsstand.

The only news outlet that chose to go against the grain was TIME Inc. – the largest magazine publisher in the US. What they chose to do instead was quite unusual – they offered every issue of their magazines as an individual app in the iTunes App Store. The titles from Time Inc. that were sold in this manner were Time Magazine itself, along with Sports Illustrated, People Magazine, InStyle, and Entertainment Weekly. The new deal between Apple and Time Inc. will bring all these titles to the Newsstand now.

The New York Times claims that ever since Time Inc.’s new CEO, Laura Lang, took over, this Newsstand deal with Apple was a top priority. Given that iPads are increasingly becoming the biggest content consumption outlets around in the market now, missing out on a large target audience would be quite detrimental to Time’s own interests, and Lang’s statements to the New York Times proved as much. She said that tablets were gradually becoming an important part of the entire experience, and that Time Inc.’s goal was to offer content precisely where its consumers “would want to read it”.

Apple’s VP of Internet Services, Eddie Cue, chose not to reveal much about the deal with Time Inc., but added that there had been no special terms granted to the news company. 

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