Smart Cases launched for the the iPad

Apple has never been the most modest or restrained company when it came to promoting its own products. Therefore it was a tad surprising that Apple decided to release the next version of the Smart Covers for iPad in silence, right after the Keynote address at the World Wide Developers Conference 2012. First of all, it’s no longer just a cover anymore; it’s a Smart Case now. The Smart Covers, although innovative and useful, left a lot to be desired. They offered little protection to the main body of the device, which would gradually succumb to the wear and tear of everyday use.

With the brand new Smart Case, Apple has tried to address all those issues. These cases are designed to protect the whole iPad body, and not just the screen. The shell that houses the iPad is made up of polyurethane, and is available in six different colors, all of which have an Apple logo on the back. The case fits snugly over the device and is very light, so it doesn’t add much to the overall weight of the iPad. Getting it off your iPad could turn out to be chore, but otherwise these Smart Cases have been very well designed. The flap works exactly as the smart covers worked; you can use them to put the iPad to sleep or wake it up, or you can use them to prop it up while watching videos or using Facetime.

The Smart Cases are now available online on Apple Store for $49.95, and are compatible with both iPad 2ndgeneration and 3rd generation. 

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