Siri comes to the iPad

Apple had a winner on its hands when it announced and launched the iPhone 4S, and a key part of the smartphone’s success was the presence of Siri, Apple’s voice assistant that took voice recognition and AI to all new heights. Even though the 4S was, at best, an incremental update to the iPhone 4 (apart from the single to dual core processor upgrade), Siri made the 4S seem like a viable reason to get the new iPhone back then.

The roaring success of the 4S and Siri made most industry watchers take it for a given that Apple would integrate it into its (then) upcoming new third generation iPad. In fact, till the very day of its launch, rumors swirled that it was to be one of the two key features of the new iPad, the other being the ultra high resolution Retina display. Eventually, the new iPad did get an absolutely stunning display alright, but Siri was strangely missing.

Now, with the formal announcement of iOS 6 by Apple, the iPad will be getting Siri after all. This is all part of a massive upgrade to Siri itself (herself?). Until now, the voice assistant had a rather limited range of applications – you could set alarms, get directions, find restaurants near you and a little more. Now, Siri will be phenomenally more powerful, with an ability to launch apps (Apple actually demonstrated this in the WWDC, by launching Temple Run, just with a simple command), finding information about public figures, etc. However, Apple’s Scott Forstall specifically stated that only the new iPad would be getting Siri, meaning that owners of the original iPad and the iPad 2 are set to miss out. 

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