OmniPlan Project Manager comes to the iPad

OmniPlan has existed on Mac for quite a while now, and is very popular among Mac users because of its intuitive interface and advanced functionality. It is a power business tool that helps professionals manage their projects while providing functions such as data graphing, task management, brainstorming, and diagramming - thereby letting professionals get a whole new way to approach their work. After a long wait, the company behind OmniPlan decided to launch an iPad app for its huge customer base.

The app has been designed for iPad from scratch. The company has definitely hit the right spot between functionality and design, which makes it so much more than just a tablet version of their desktop app. The benefits offered by a touch interface have been very well utilized in creating a simple, but intuitive project management app. The iPad app, which costs $50, acts as a companion app for the Mac version of OmniPlan (priced at $200), and all your data is automatically synced between the two. This feature also allows multiple users to work on one single project and track changes, making it a particularly impressive collaboration tool. The app can act as standalone piece of software as well, which means that you don't have to shell out the rather steep $200 price for its Mac version.

The timeline layout is a great way to edit and track different project modules, and to view the progress of each. OmniPlan also offers task scheduling and optimization of schedules to reduce down time. Also, if any of your scheduled tasks conflict each other, the app will notify you and suggest ways to fix it.
OmniPlan Project manager is a must have for business professionals, who like to keep things organized. 

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