iPad Owns 91% of Tablet Web Traffic

Although iPad’s dominion over the tablet market share has somewhat waned over the couple of years that it has been in existence, it still has complete monopoly over media tablet web traffic. According to a study conducted by the Ad network Chitika, iPad’s share stands at a staggering 91%, whereas its closest competitor being Samsung Galaxy Tab which owns about 2% of the traffic. This is an impressing feat considering the fact that the market share of iPad has reduced to 70%, from over 90% in 2010.

The Apple iPad: Going from strength to strength after  all

If there is one thing that this research shows, it is that the iPad is one of the most preferred devices for surfing the internet. Even though Android tablets own a decent market share, user experience hasn’t been exceptional, as far as internet browsing is concerned. iPad users tend to be far more active on the internet because of the huge number of apps available on the App Store that require internet to function.

It should be noted that iPad’s share of web traffic has actually declined by 3.5% since May, whereas Barnes & Noble’s Nook tablet has overtaken the popular Kindle Fire. The company behind the research claims that trend will continue, and iPad will continue to lose traffic to its competitors gradually, as they catch up in terms of usability and functionality. Also, Microsoft’s imminent and highly anticipated entry into the tablet race is bound to tip the balance a bit. But as of now, none of the existing tablets are in a position to pose any threat at all to iPad’s stronghold over web traffic. 

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