Google Chrome comes to the iPad and iPhone

One of the most vaunted apps in Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich is the Chrome browser made by Google itself. Ever since they confounded users worldwide by not making Chrome the default stock Android browser, a lot had been expected from Google when it announced that it would be bringing its wildly popular desktop browser exclusively to ICS devices. The app managed to live up to the hype, combining a smooth and speedy usage experience with a lot of eye candy thrown in for good measure.

With the sheer size of the iOS App Store however, it was just a matter of time before Google caved in and offered its Chrome app to devices made by its bitter rival – Apple. The Google I/O conference shed a lot of light on Android Jelly Bean, but the fact that Google would be launching Chrome for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch went under the radar to a great extent till today.

The Google Chrome app for mobile devices is undoubtedly among the best browsers you can get in any mobile platform. It offers a full featured browsing experience, along with an incredibly nifty sync mode (that lets you open the tabs from any other Chrome session that you are/were using) and a full-fledged incognito mode for the privacy conscious.

Apple’s iOS has a plethora of limitations however, and Chrome is likely to suffer from them. For starters, Safari will remain the default browser, regardless of whether you prefer it to Chrome or not. Secondly, Apple’s terms stipulate that iOS browsers have to use Apple’s own WebKit engine under the hood, in essence turning them into glorified skins of Safari for the most part. Hence, it remains to be seen whether Chrome managed to be as great an app in iOS as it is in Android 4.0.


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