Facebook to update its iOS app soon, according to NYT

If you’re one of the hundreds of millions of Facebook users around the world, there’s no doubt that you’ve been surprised and flabbergasted in equal measure while using the default Facebook apps for iOS and Android. For an app that’s as high profile and ubiquitous as Facebook, it is simply hard to ignore its many, many faults –chief among which are its general slowness and excessive resource usage.

According to a New York Times report, however, the social networking behemoth may have just realized the folly of its ways, and will be going about in setting a lot of the app’s wrongs right this summer.

The upcoming Facebook update will make the app native to iOS, to cut a long story short. So far, what Facebook Inc. had strangely decided to do was to make its app an HTML 5 mobile web page with an Objective C wrapper. Objective C is the native language of iOS, and apps designed using it exclusively tend to be run better in iOS.

The New York Times’ Nick Bilton claims that the new Facebook app for iOS will be completely coded in Objective C, making it far, far faster than its awfully sluggish current avatar.

It is about time too, given that Facebook has done a wonderful job with both its Facebook Messenger and Facebook Camera app (though the former is actually a version of the Beluga Messenger that Facebook acquired a while back, while the latter has notable similarities to another Facebook acquisition - Instagram).

Given that Facebook is one of the most downloaded iOS apps at any given point of time in the App Store, we can only wait and watch to know whether Facebook Inc. managed to come up with an app that’s worth its ubiquity.
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