Tweetbot gets updated for iPad and iPhone

Tweetbot has been updated to version 2.3 for the Apple iPhone and iPad, and features a whole new range of features. Now, there is the ability to instantly upload Twitter conversations to Storify; a new detailed view for tweets; new gesture controls; support for Droplr; and upload of large high resolution photos over WiFi.

Tweetbot for iPad screenshot

The changelog, according to Tweetbot developer tapbots, is as follows:

- New tweet detail view with inline conversations and replies (swipe right to left on a tweet for quick access)
- New gesture in tweet detail to get back to the timeline quickly (swipe left to right)
- New conversation view now contains both the conversation and replies (swipe left to right on a tweet for quick access)
- Ability to email conversations or post a link to them via Storify when in the conversation view
- Droplr Support
- Video thumbnails now have a "play" icon to differentiate it from image thumbnails
- Timeline sync bookmark icon is now an optional setting
- Reorganized tweet drawer (last two buttons have gone through some options reorganization)
- Added thumbnail support for Vimeo links
- Higher res image uploads when on wifi
- Hold down compose tweet button to quickly open last draft
- Support for $stock links
- Improved email format when sending tweets, DMs, or conversations as email
- Arabic Localization

Tweetbot's previous update, version number 2.2, had launched just a little over 3 weeks back, and had a whole new set of features. They included thumbnail previews of inline links from Youtube and the App Store, iCloud settings syncing, syncing timeline positions across various Twitter clients using Tweet Marker, among others. Version 2.3 just goes on to reinforce the fact that tapbots is serious about keeping its Twitter client as cutting-edge as it has been since its launch.


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