New iPad coming to Philippines and Guam on May 29

Apple Insider reports that Apple's latest and greatest tablet, its third generation 'new' iPad, is coming to Guam and Philippines at the end of this month (the 29th of May, to be exact). This has been revealed thanks to a rather inconspicuous update made to Apple's iPad page for Asia, which you can visit here.


The bestselling tablet seems to be getting launched in the two Asian countries with little fanfare, as Apple has chosen not to officially announce the availability of the new iPad there. Instead, the Cupertino company has decided to update the availability of the the new iPad for Guam and Philippines to "Coming 29 May" in their Asian "Where to Buy the New iPad" page.

This means that the only two major Asian countries still missing out on the new Apple slate are China and Indonesia, and for the time being, Apple will continue selling iPad 2 there instead. An initial glance at the two markets missing out will be a definite cause for surprise among those who haven't quite kept up with Apple's travails in the burgeoning Chinese market. Apple has been locked in a lengthy legal battle with an obscure Chinese company called Proview that is trying wrest control of the 'iPad' trademark.

Coming to the countries which are getting the iPad this month - Guam residents will need to buy their tablets only from authorized Apple resellers. Apple fans in Philippines have it a lot easier -  along with the obvious option of approaching an official reseller, they can even buy the new iPad from Apple's own web store. Moreover, Filippino carrier service Globe Telecom will be retailing iPads as well.


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