Jonathan Ive, Apple's design head, knighted

Apple may or may not be everyone's cup of tea, but not even the fiercest iDevice critic can take away the fact that Apple knows its design inside out. Each Apple product has had a distinct, industry defining design ethos, and the man behind pretty much all of it was, contrary to popular perception, not Steve Jobs. He is the British design extraordinaire Jonathan Ive, and he has just been knighted back in his homeland.

According to BBC, Apple's 'senior vice president of industrial design' has been in front of the Princess Royal in Buckingham Palace today. The honor comes his way as he is a British national who has had a profound influence on the greatest technology of this decade. (Sir) Jonathan Ive has been the head of the design and concept teams of Apple's technology in its most prosperous years. His body of work includes the iPod (which took the music industry by storm and made everyone sit up and take notice of Apple), all of the overwhelmingly dominant iPhones, the iPad (which created a whole new market of its own), the iPod Touch, the iMac and the anorexic yet gorgeous Macbook Air. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that without Sir Jonathan's contributions, Apple's technology wouldn't be perceived the same way in the minds of the public as it is now.

In a Telegraph interview here, he casually dismisses his low recognizability (considering his immense contribution to Apple's greatest successes, by saying: "People’s interest is in the product, not in its authorship". 

Apple fans have a lot to look forward to, if the reports of design overhauls in the iPhone and Apple iTV are anything to go by. But with the immense standards Sir Jonathan Ive has set for the Cupertino company, it's almost certain that Apple's efforts will turn out well, to say the least. 

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