iDevices are passe, AT&T's trying to create iHomes

AT&T will start trialing a new service called 'Digital Life' this summer. It is said to be a wide range of services that facilitate automation of activities in your home, and upgrade security measures to a whole new level. The best part is that it's all controlled by the tips of your fingers, all thanks to it being meant to work with the help of iDevices, such as your iPhone, iPad, or even your iPod Touch! Suffice to say, no Apple enthusiast would want their homes to be anything but iHomes in this very vein.

According to AT&T's website for Digital Life:

A state-of-the-art remote monitoring and automation platform for service providers outside the U.S.
  • Provides the capability to offer customizable, web-based home automation, energy and security services
  • Enables end users to stay connected to what matters most at their home or business
  • Whether the customer need is to care for loved ones, manage a business remotely, conserve energy, or maximize security, AT&T Digital Life™ helps you offer it all

One of the key features of Digital Life is the ability to detect water leaks, and turning off your water supply if need be. Moreover, Digital Life is simply maintained and installed by AT&T - you don't need to be a customer of Ma Bell already to make the most of this potentially powerful suite of home services.

There's no reason not to believe that Digital Life won't be a successful venture for AT&T. Customers want their lives to be made easier, and making the use of more and more automation reduces spots of bother such as a water leak, while you're meant to have some 'you' time, or are away on a vacation with your family. In case the trials work out well, who knows how ubiquitous this may turn out to be in the future.


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