iCloud to get Notes, Reminders?

The iCloud service started by Apple a while back has been positively noted for just how versatile it is. Logging in to gives you access to every single one of the Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My Phone and iWork apps from any location simply with an internet connection. 

Apple iCloud

Now, Cult of Mac reports that Apple may have more services up its sleeve for its very own cloud service. The website features two additional apps now - one's for Notes and the other's for Reminders.   These two new apps were not visible in any way to normal users. However, on the emergence of reports about these two new features in iCloud, the Notes and Reminders apps were pulled from it the iCloud beta site as well. 

Quite clearly, Apple is working on transplanting its Notes and Reminders apps for iOS to the web sooner or later. This would help iCloud users to get a fully synced up way of sharing any to-dos and memos with an even greater integration into the Apple ecosystem than the likes of Evernote. 

The folks at Cult of Mac did try to log in to the beta site to try out the two new apps, but they weren't able to. The site, however, turned out to be visible only to privileged Apple IDs, quite clearly proving that Apple didn't want to let the cat out of the bag as soon as now. But by the time Apple did pull down the site on noticing the reports that had started leaking out about this, Cult of Mac already had screenshots to show the world what Apple has in store for them. 


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