Facebook Messenger iPad app with video chat being developed

Facebook's efforts for its official Messenger app have been geared towards smartphones, rather than tablets. However, rumor is that the social networking company is working on bringing the app to the bestselling Apple iPad soon.

9to5Mac reports from its sources that  the upcoming Facebook Messenger for the iPad will essentially be a larger version of its iPhone app. This means that there will be one-to-one messaging, push notifications, group chats, a friend locator service, among a whole lot of features.

The Facebook Messenger app for the iPad will make it far easier to message your friends quickly, without waiting for the bulky dedicated Facebook iPad app.

In the meanwhile, Facebook is also said to be working on an updated version of the Messenger app for the iPhone, and it is expected to feature video chatting, thanks to Facebook's integrated Skype video chat service. An Android version will follow soon after, and both of them will be out by the summer. 

The sources that 9to5Mac used were noncommittal about the release schedule of the Messenger app. For that matter, there wasn't even any confirmation that Facebook would actually move the use of the app anywhere beyond internal testing. However, there has been ongoing work on creating and testing builds of the app, and the results seem to be impressive.


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