Apple rings in the changes to the App Store

Apple has just brought in some tweaks for its App Store, perhaps signalling the Store's natural evolution brought on by Apple's purchase of Chomp (a renowned content discovery service). The App Store now has an Editor's Choice selection along with a free App of the Week.

The App Store's biggest USP over competing stores for other platforms such as the Google Play store and the Blackberry App World has been the sheer volume of apps available to users. Unlike other mobile operating systems, iOS users are seldom left short of options when they're looking for an app to fulfill a particular need of theirs. But that has slowly started turning into a double edged sword of sorts. It has been getting harder and harder for users to find and discover new apps, beyond the usual ones in the Top Grossing and Top Free picks.

The App Store has an extremely distinct banner in its home page now, drawing users' attention to "Editor's Choice" apps (the first of which happens to be Facebook Camera for the iPhone). Later, Apple came out with a free App of the Week, and it happened to be the much awaited Cut the Rope: Experiments. This is said to be the first time Apple is actually relying on promoting apps this way, of its own accord. Cut the Rope should be the first of many new and premium apps going free in the App Store in the coming weeks.

Apple's efforts point towards making the best possible use of its Chomp purchase - it can now make great apps (that have been hitherto drowned out by competition) more visible to the public. It is also a follow up to its crackdown on bot farms that had been enticing developers to pay them in exchange for pumping up their app download numbers right into the Top picks for both paid and free apps.


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