Max Payne coming to iOS on April 12th

To say that Take Two Interactive's Rockstar Games has an almost unparalleled record in the video game industry would be a  massive understatement. If you have even the slightest interest in gaming, you've probably played, or at least heard of the likes of GTA (Grand Theft Auto), the brilliant LA Noire from last year, Red Dead Redemption, and, of course, Max Payne.

However, Rockstar Games is somewhat a rookie when it comes to mobile (or tablet) gaming. Apart from GTA 3 and GTA Chinatown Wars, Rockstar has steered clear of making games for iOS so far. That may be about to change, however. Rockstar Games has just announced that it will be porting its phenomenally popular Max Payne PC and console game to iOS and Android.

One would reckon that the new iPad's retina display and powerful quad core graphics processor are a perfect match for a port of a game made for consoles and computers. However, Rockstar has announced that the game will be compatible even with the iPhone 3GS, let alone the iPhone 4, 4S, and the iPad 1 and 2. Although there is no support announced for controllers of any kind yet (even for Android tablets), the spacious screen real estate provided by the 9.7 inch iPads should make Max Payne an immersive experience.

The Max Payne iOS port is said to deliver high def graphics, detailed texturing, and exclusive content from Rockstar's Social Club service. Even though the game hasn't actually released yet, there's little to suggest that Max Payne won't be as brilliant a game on mobile devices as it is/was in consoles and computers. Rockstar has timed this port's launch with the impending launch of Max Payne 3 for Windows PCs, PS3, and Xbox in May. The buzz created by the latter should definitely serve the former really well.


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