LinkedIn launches new iPad app

LinkedIn has just launched its first dedicated app for the Apple iPad. The rather popular business networking site had a functional app for both iPhones and Android smartphones, but the iPad version of the app has taken its functionality to a whole new level.

The most obvious inspiration for the LinkedIn iPad app's design ethos is the phenomenal Flipboard news aggregation app. It has been optimized for the new iPad's Retina display as well, making the design look even better. The app itself has been segregated into the following three sections:

  • All Updates
  • You
  • Inbox

A nifty new calendar feature is a nice touch in itself. It uses data about your appointments to display LinkedIn profile info about the people you'll be meeting.

"Imagine having one place where you can get all the info you need about who you're meeting with that day, trending and timely news that is impacting your industry, who's changed jobs and what your coworkers are sharing, liking and commenting on. We've pulled all this for you, all in one place."Manish Sharma, LinkedIn's senior product manager for mobile and tablet.

The three sections have their own, distinct looks and abilities. "All Updates" shows you your entire newsfeed, and even Twitter feed (in case you've integrated it) in a Flipboard-esque magazine view. "You" is a minimalistic, professional view of your profile page and resume. It definitely looks great, but it only offers a read-only mode, meaning that you can't edit your profile on your iPad. "Inbox" is a two-pane inlet for all your messages and connection requests.

All in all, the LinkedIn iPad app is a well designed app that brings the best of features from both the iPhone app and famous apps like Flipboard. It does have some strange quirks though - the lack of ability to edit your LinkedIn profile is a strange feature to skip out, as is the need to enter your user ID and password every time you log in. Perhaps an update or two will sort out its issues at some point in the future, but the LinkedIn iPad app is excellent in general.


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