iTunes 11 on the way: support for iOS 6, improved iCloud and iTunes Store expected?

According to sources cited by 9to5 Mac , Apple has started to work on the latest version of its media application for computers, namely iTunes 11. Apple reportedly commenced with its development even before the launch of the latest iTunes version (10.6). A lot of new features are said to be in store for iTunes 11, most of which may be under the hood, but may be indicative of a lot to come.

iTunes (via Wikimedia)

It's no secret that Apple is working on iOS 6, with a launch expected to sometime in the second half of this year. That would make the new version's launch precede the October launch date that has been predicted for the iPhone 5. iTunes 11 is said to feature compatibility for iOS 6 even before it is released to the public, though 9to5 Mac doesn't discount the possibility that there may be another iTunes 10.x version compatible with iOS 6 before iTunes 11 is launched.

iTunes 11 is also expected to feature an improved and amped up integration of iCloud. The most distinct sign of this is a dedicated iCloud panel for settings within an early iTunes 11 build. The accessibility of the iCloud settings panel has been improved a lot, making it easy to get to for an iTunes user.

A comprehensive overhaul of the iTunes Store and App Store is expected along with the launch of iTunes 11 as well. Ever since Apple acquired Chomp, it has been widely expected that the content delivery and discovery systems within Apple's online stores will be improved even more than at present.


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