iPad shipping times to reduce to less than a week

Apple has been breaking every sales record that has ever existed with each new device that it launches. However, it hasn't fared quite as well in meeting the incredible demand that's synonymous with Apple products. Often enough, the gap between ordering an iDevice and actually having it shipped to you could extend to a few weeks. All in all, it made little sense for Apple to fall short of demand time and time again even after fixing its position at the top of the mobile device market for the foreseeable future.

The new iPad (via

All that may soon change for the better though with Apple's bestselling new iPad. It has been over a month since its launch, and Apple finally has made a definite sign that its shipping times are to improve drastically.

If you visit the official Apple site for ordering the new iPad, the shipping time displayed is just 5-7 days now. It's regardless of which model you buy, so you don't need to worry about the color, 4G LTE capabilities, and storage capacities, as Apple will ship absolutely any model of the new iPad to you in less than a week. This means that there's no more need for you to worry about iPad stock inventory for a particular model.

The official shipping times for the new iPad had reduced to between a week and a couple of weeks recently, and Apple has improved on that even further. Despite its struggles to cope up with overwhelming demand, Apple had managed to sell an incredible 3 million units in the launching weekend of the new iPad last month.

The irony here is that primary problem with the new iPad (in terms of shipping times, at least) has been what's been its biggest selling point - the gorgeous 9.7 inch Retina display. The screens were being manufactured by Samsung, LG and Sharp, but the latter two had been struggling to produce them till now.


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