In 3 weeks, new iPad makes up a tenth of all iPad traffic

Apple's new iPad has been praised and flayed in equal measures. The Retina display and 4G LTE support made it an iPad that was the first of its kind, but it's also received a decent amount of flak for flaky WiFi issues and overheating.

The issues that people have had with the new iPad don't seem to be affecting sales too much though, quite predictably. In fact, in just about three weeks since its launch, Chitika reports that the new iPad's market adoption has been sustained enough to reach 10% of the total iPad internet traffic.

According to official sales figures posted by Apple, the new iPad sold 3 million units within the first four days of its launch. That translated to roughly 5% of relative market share - a phenomenal figure given just how ubiquitous iPads are. Even market surveys coming out of firms such as ChangeWave Research showed that a whopping 82% of the new iPad's buyers were 'very happy' with their purchase, as compared to 74% for the first two iPad iterations. It is rather evident that Apple's rich content ecosystem and consolidated brand value allow it to ride over bumps in the road such as the complaints against the new iPad.

The sheer level of customer loyalty and aspirations that Apple manages to draw upon for its products is unprecedented, and quite unlike anything else in the competitive market, let alone the tech world. Apple has had an incredible twelve months, moreover, with its stock prices doubling over the last year. Chitika even notes on a recent finding - customers consider iPads synonymous with tablets in general. While Apple may not have bargained for its slate to become as genericized as it has been, it also translates into record sales numbers and an incomparable brand value - making the iPad's success guaranteed to last well into the future.


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