Facebook iPad app updated for Retina display

Facebook has been infamous for the sheer amount of time it takes to update its official app. A lot of time generally passes by before they choose to implement a much needed feature (or correct an annoying bug) - implementing their new Timeline format for user profiles is a case in point.

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In any case, within a month of the new iPad's launch, the social networking behemoth has chosen to release a newer version of its official app. There's support for the new slate's almost ridiculously detailed 2048x1536 screen now. Text and images, which have traditionally looked a bit on the shabby side in the Facebook app for the iPad so far, look a lot sharper and clearer.

There are some rather good new features as well. There are a number of new languages supported now, such as Czech, Bokmal, Malay and Turkish. There is also a new ability to go offline in chat now. So far, being forced to stay available for chat when you used the app was an irritating bug that was hard to work around, but Facebook itself has a solution in hand for its users. The other bugs that have been fixed deal with profile names, friend lists, and photo tags appearing correctly.

Strangely though, the new iPad app has no support for the Facebook Timeline profile format. It hadn't taken too long for them to implement the Timeline in their app for the iPhone, which only makes one wonder why they're taking so long with their bestselling tablet. Then again, if they waited till as late as October 2011 to launch their first official app for the iPad, it probably shows that they aren't being targeting the Apple slate as actively as its iPhone.

The iTunes app store link to download the new Facebook app is this.


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