Could the iPad Mini be Apple's Galaxy Note?

There has been no end to the hearsay regarding the so called iPad 'Mini' in recent times. A number of industry watchers were expecting Apple to release a miniature version of its best selling iPad, along with the new iPad, in the media event held on the 7th of March. The screen size of the 'Mini' was expected to be 7.85 inches, making it the death knell of the likes of the Kindle Fire and other Android tablets in the 7-8 inch screen size range.

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The actual Apple event earlier this month turned out to not even remotely acknowledge the existence of the iPad Mini. The new iPad hogged every headline it possibly could, but now that the initial euphoria has passed, new rumors about the iPad Mini are resurfacing.

The Japanese blog, Macotakara, reports that Apple is working on a 5 inch device with a Retina-grade display.

"The product which has 5-inch Retina Display is expected to be released in 2013, and resolution of this LCD will be 1,600 x 960 pixel (800 x 480 by legacy majour) or 1,280 x 960 pixel (640 x 480)."

 With a purported launch date of 2013, Apple doesn't look like it's in any hurry to show its hand to the world yet. But a cursory glance at the few details that Macotakara has managed to come up with can only make one wonder - isn't this rather similar to Samsung's incredibly divisive Galaxy Note? It's a 5.3 inch phablet (phone+tablet). It has a gorgeous Super AMOLED Plus display with a pixel density of nearly 300 ppi, making it Retina-quality, at least on paper.

The most important point though, is that despite the reservations many of its critics had about its size and impracticality, the Galaxy Note has done extremely well. 5 million devices sold is quite a number for an Android phone, and one as niche-y as the Note. Maybe Apple is onto something here after all! Now only Apple can answer the inevitable fallout of using an Android device's success as a template - what would it do about the obvious fragmentation problems accompanying a high res 5 inch iPad Mini?


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