Could Apple end up being like present-day Sony?

Apple has been breaking new ground in terms of the sheer magnitude of profitability that a company can attain. Plenty has been said about how Apple is the company with the highest market cap in the world, how it could be the first company to breach a market capitalization of $1 trillion, and a lot more. The incessant demand for iPads and iPhones has made the Apple juggernaut roll on and on, without any sign of abatement. In fact, high global demand cues for the 2 Apple bestsellers have said to helped the Cupertino giant to achieve profits of an incredible 94% in Q2.

For all the predictions of Apple consolidating its lead position among all companies globally, one prominent market research company has begged to differ about Apple's future prospects. Its CEO, George Colony, has equated Apple to Sony, the tech giant from yesteryears in his latest blog post.

Sony's downfall has been quite stark and unbelievable in itself. For a company valued at a massive $120 billion at the turn of the millennium, it has fallen into one crisis after another. In fact, a current valuation of $16-odd billion says it all about the company's situation.

Colony has asserted that Apple will continue to "coast, then decelerate", a la Sony. This was a popular school of thought among many industry watchers following Steve Jobs' demise in October, but immediate evidence points to something else entirely.

The Forrester CEO attributes Jobs' charisma and magnetic personality to much of Apple's appeal, and believes that Jobs successor should have been someone with a similar set of personality traits. The current incumbent of the CEO's chair at Cupertino, Tim Cook, is described as being "merely competent" by Colony. He goes on to add that Cook's “legal/bureaucratic approach will prove to be a mismatch for an organization that feeds off the gift of grace.” 

If Apple's latest financial results are anything to go by, Apple has precious little to worry about. However, George Colony expects the Sony-esque decline to take three to four years before it actually starts to show, and one can only wait and watch in that regard.


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