Chomp for Android killed now that Apple owns it

Since 2009, Chomp had been one of the best app search engines for the Apple App Store, and (a couple of years) later the Android Market. The San Francisco startup's iPhone app made it phenomenally popular, with an ever-expanding user base, and huge interest from venture capital firms followed. It probably reached the pinnacle of its achievements when Apple Inc. itself decided to acquire Chomp in February this year for a reported sum of $50 million!

Chomp on an iPhone

It isn't any secret that Apple and Android are fierce rivals in the mobile device market. The latter has an infamously poor content discovery system in its Android Market (now rechristened as Google Play), and Chomp went a long way in rectifying some of its ills. Apple, rather unsurprisingly, is choosing to take that crutch away from Android by completely killing the app for the Google platform.

There had been reports of Chomp's flaky performance on Android devices in the last few weeks, as it frequently refused to connect to Chomp's servers. As it turns out, today Chomp's website has no more mentions of its Android app, and the Google Play store has absolutely no mention of Chomp either.

Apple's decision to acquire Chomp stemmed out of devs often complaining about the poor visibility of their apps in the App Store. That's right, Apple's biggest advantage - its vast, vast ecosystem for apps had inadvertently drowned out many of the lesser known developers from joining into the party, and Apple definitely wanted to keep them on their side. Plugging off the same support for its biggest competitor, Android, seemed like a logical next step to deprive Google and Android devs from any similar advantage.


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