Apple and Samsung agree to settlement talks

Apple and Samsung have been constantly engaged in legal battles through most of the last 12 months or so. Apple has sued Samsung for plenty of patent infringements time and again, and has been countersued in the process soon enough. It has simply turned into a very, very messy state of affairs, and, perhaps recognizing that fact, Apple and Samsung's CEOs have been ordered to proceed on a settlement by a US District judge.

Apple had notably accused Samsung of 'slavishly' copying its iPhone and iPad designs for its Galaxy range of Android smartphones and  tablets. It managed to even get them banned from release in a couple of major markets, namely Germany and Australia.

A Monday court filing ended with both Samsung and Apple agreeing to a settlement conference. Following that development, US Ditrict Judge Lucy Koh referred both the tech giants to a magistrate judge from San Francisco to mediate the ensuing talks between the two companies.

The mediation process will not involve just general counsel. The Apple and Samsung CEOs, Tim Cook and Choi Gee Sung, are also expected to participate.

It's being said that this settlement plan could be more strategic than anything else. This timeout of sorts could simply be a way of getting to modify and adapt their legal strategies further, without the burden of an impending legal squabble.

Even if there are genuine attempts being made to ease over the immense amount of friction that exists between the two companies, early settlement conferences like this often collapse due to either or both parties choosing to not yield on at least some core issues. It remains to be seen whether this pans out in a positive way, bringing an end to all the legal jousting between Apple and Samsung, or whether it's just another chapter in this long running saga between them.


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