3 Premium iPad apps free this weekend

The iTunes App Store is incomparable in terms of the sheer amount of content you can get on it. The massive advantage becomes even starker when you compare it to the likes of Google Play Store (let alone the likes of the Zune Marketplace and Blackberry App World). But a frequent point raised by Android users is that iOS apps cost a lot more compared to their Android freemium versions. This article's about 3 premium iPad apps that have been made free as a temporary promo offer this weekend.


This is a fun arcade game that pays homage to plenty of science fiction B movies. You get to take control of a UFO with a retractable claw, and kidnap humans and farm animals, or lift up heavy objects to cause mayhem. In short, you get to be really, really evil in a game for a change! There are thirty missions to get through, and the gameplay never gets boring in the least.

Cradle of Rome 2: HD

A sequel to the incredibly popular match-3 game Cradle of Rome, Cradle of Room 2 HD is an addictive and fun game. You get to recreate the Roman empire from scratch, by matching objects and collecting enough resources to build buildings in Rome. There are a 100 levels spanning 5 chapters in the storyline, so you'll get to add all the touches you want to your empire.

Fribble Jokes and Riddles

This is an entertaining trivia app with a host of ways to while away your time. You get to solve perplexing riddles, which involve a healthy dose of humor, little facts about roadside attractions all over America, and weird book names. With 3 chances per riddle, you'll be using your gray cells and yet be having a great deal of fun!

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