3 AirPlay Apps for your Apple TV

AirPlay is a great way to stream data from your iPad screen to an Apple TV with a larger screen. The primary reason why people use it is to stream media, that is, music and videos to a big screen, with a better sound system. However, not everybody knows that AirPlay works great with quite a few apps too! Here are three of the best ones suited to this purpose.

According to us, Flipboard is simply the best news app you can get in the App Store. No other news app quite uses the entire screen space of the iPad as well as it, in all honesty. The  seamless transitions, the magazine inspired design ethos, the sheer finger friendliness of it all - Flipboard takes the simple act of reading news a whole lot better. Being as well designed as it is, it doesn't look out of place on a huge screen either! If you can get beyond the initial barrier of awkwardness (purely reading news on a huge screen isn't something anyone's used to), Flipboard can be a cool way to check out what's going on in the world around you.

Remote is designed by Apple itself, and, as the name suggests, it is an app meant to act like a remote control for your Apple TV. It makes text input a whole lot easier than it is in the actual Apple TV remote, as it lets you use the nifty little keyboard of the iPad. The Apple TV remote, on the other hand, requires you to enter text one letter at a time, and can be beyond enraging. Moreover, you get to handle multiple devices (the Remote App works when there's iTunes involved) from just your iPad!
Real Racing 2 HD

This is an absolutely outstanding racing app by the devs from Firemint. It lets you have a whole lot of fun with a stunningly environment and immaculate attention to detail. You get to experience enthralling races in a 3D environment, and you'd never know that you're playing the game in a tablet and not a full fledged console! Real Racing 2 HD looks great on a big screen, and its Apple TV compatibility makes its exquisite design particularly suited as a faux-console game.

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