Toshiba to launch thinnest tablet ever on Tuesday

Toshiba hadannounced the Excite LE tablet during the recently concluded Mobile WorldCongress 2012, Barcelona. It has wasted no time in bringing it to the market,and is expected to hit stores on Tuesday, the 6th of March.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

At first glance,the Excite LE tablet may just seem to be one of the many Android tablets thathave been pushed out by multiple vendors over the MWC. However, its USP is itsthin profile. At a thickness (or ‘thinness’) of 7.7mm, the Toshiba Excite LEtablet is a phenomenally thin device. The indisputable leader of the tabletmarket (at least for a few more days) – the Apple iPad 2 seems to be almostbulky in comparison, being 8.8 mm thick. Ironically, the iPad 2 has been anobject of desire partially due to its sleek, aesthetically pleasing design, butthe Excite LE may just turn out to beat it in its own game. As a matter offact, there have been widespread rumors that the 3rd iteration ofthe iPad tablet may be almost a millimeter thicker than its own predecessor –giving Toshiba an advantage of more than two millimeters!

The Toshiba ExciteLE happens to be a 10 inch tablet, like most premium tabs in the market (includingthe iPad). Incredibly, though, it manages to keep its weight at around the 534g(118 lb) mark, which makes it far less hefty than almost any tablet of acomparable size (the iPad 2, for instance, weighs over 600g).

Toshiba, unlikemost tablet manufacturers, has never shied away from providing a generousnumber of couches, and the Excite LE is no different. The tablet has micro-USB,HDMI, micro SD ports included, making it extremely convenient to hook up tolarger projectors for movies, presentations, etc. without worrying aboutsetting up a wireless network.

The Excite LEhas standard features otherwise: a TI OMAP 4430 dual-core processor, AndroidHoneycomb, a 10.1 inch LED display and a battery that should last 8 hours.

All in all, theToshiba Excite LE tablet seems like it could make a perfect tablet for a poweruser wading through endless presentations, as it could be for the casual userwho loves to browse the web on a couch. 

(via Mashable)
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