Now Even Apple Wants You to Trade in Your Old iPad 2

Of late, a large number of retailers have launched trade in schemes for the original iPad, and its successor, the iPad 2. This, of course, is a natural course of action owing to the imminent launch of the new Apple iPad on March 16th. In a bid to share the spoils, Apple's gatecrashing the trade in party too with its 'Reuse and Recycle' program.

The iPad 2 (Wikimedia commons)

Apple added the option to trade in the iPad 2 just this Wednesday, making it join the ranks of the old iPad, Apple Macbooks and even iPhones. This is quite naturally an attempt to tap into the frenzy created among new buyers through the demand for the new iPad. If you do have an iPad 2 you want to trade in, you need to visit the Reuse and Recycle website here.

The Reuse and Recycle program is available only to U.S. based Apple customers. The entire trade in process of Apple is actually outsourced to a Californian company called PowerON. You are required to fill in a questionnaire on the Apple website that's aimed at ascertaining the condition of your tablet. For instance, you need to answer whether it has scratches or engraving, water damage, battery charge issues, cracks in the screen and the likes. PowerON proceeds to provide you with a fair price quote. As of today, the trade in prices you can get vary from $205 for a basic 16GB WiFi model, to $320 for a 64GB Wifi+3G model.

When you complete the trade in process, Apple provides you with an Apple Gift Card of the fair quote mentioned above. Do note that the Gift Card is only valid for Apple retail or online store purchases, unlike most other third party trade in options. However, it arguably offers the best rates among all of the competition, and if you're an iPad 2 owner looking for an upgrade to the similarly pricey new iPad less than one year later, the Apple Reuse and Recycle Program can help you save a lot of money.


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