New iPad's shipment date delayed?

In what is a sure sign of the sheer amount of demand for Apple's new iPad, the shipping date of the tablet has been postponed in the US from the 16th of March to 19th instead. This delay will be affecting everyone who placed pre-orders for the new iPad after it got announced in the Apple event on March 7.

The new iPad (via Wikimedia Commons)

Apple's new iPad has been expected to at least carry on in the stead of its predecessor - the iPad 2, in terms of its market dominance. In fact, with the incredibly impressive features that the third version of Apple tablet has brought to the table, there is no discernible reason why the iPad can't extend its advantage over its competition in the tablet market further than ever before.

The reports of the delays had first originated for pre-orders made in the UK. The same date of March 19 was initially being touted for UK (rather than US) shipments, but the folks across the pond have to now wait for 2 to 3 weeks at the very least.

The fact that the new iPad's shipments are being delayed does not mean that Apple has run out of iPads outright. Instead, the only option for potential buyers is to buy it from physical retailers after the March 16th launch date. However, the fact that the online store ran out of units as soon as it has indicates that even retailers of physical units will not be able to maintain stock for too long.

The new iPad will be available in 32 more countries from the 23rd of March. The prices have remained the same as the iPad 2, which means that the basic 16GB WiFi model starts at $499. The Retina display and 4G LTE connectivity are expected to capture even more customers, who may have been skeptical about the previous iPad's productivity and features.


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