A New iPad Buyer's Survival Guide

If you've been looking forward to the launch of the 3rd generation iPad for months now, March 16th can't come soon enough. It's the day Apple's much-coveted new iPad is going to be launched for the public, and it is only a few hours away now.You've set your mind to the version of the new iPad you want already, in all likelihood. Thus, this post won't be about whether you should get a WiFi model or an LTE one, a 16GB version or a 64 GB one. It simply is a set of things every impatient iPad buyer needs to know before he/she rushes to get Apple's latest and finest tablet!



The likes of Radioshack, Best Buy, Target and WalMart will be selling the new iPad starting this Friday as well, but their stocks will be far more limited than Apple's own stores, being third party sellers. Moreover, there will be no chance of ordering online, at least initially. Even the carriers (Verizon and AT&T) will be selling the new iPad, albeit the LTE flavor. Expect to shell out on a data plan that they'll force down your throat with your purchase. The advantage with the carriers is that both ordering online and going to physical stores are options - but just like the third-party retailers mentioned before, stock is likely to be very limited.For starters, heading to an Apple store is the most obvious course of action for every iPad buyer. Apple will officially start selling iPads at 8 AM this Friday. It's a decent enough time slot in ordinary circumstances, but this is an iPad launch, and hence, far from ordinary. Expect to be in a long, long queue for a significant amount of time there. Even ordering yourself from the online Apple store isn't really a great idea - as discussed here, the incredible levels of demand have pushed back shipment dates by a few days, if not weeks in most areas.

Ordering the new iPad is going to be quite a challenge this time round. You'll have to be patient enough to either set up camp in endless queues, or waiting for a few weeks till the Apple stocks fill up again. Choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea, isn't it?


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