Is the iPad 2 still in the game?

The sheer amount of coverage the new iPad has received is unbelievable. It has been the name on everyone's lips well before its March 7 launch due to sheer amount of speculation that went into it. Since its launch, there has only been praise for features such as the stunning Retina display, the powerful gaming engine, the improved camera and LTE connectivity. But does all this really make the iPad 2 obsolete?

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In case you are a new buyer, a crucial factor you have to keep in mind is that the iPad 2 got a $100 price cut. Buying it make sense when you are trying to keep your spending in check, or don't have endlessly deep pockets. Moreover, the iPad 2's disadvantages versus the new iPad pale into comparison if you primarily use your slate in the confines of your home and aren't a heavy duty gamer. If you rely on your home's WiFi network to do most of your browsing, the fact that the new iPad has LTE hardly matters. Moreover, as you can see here, the combination of limited, tiered plans from carriers and the insane speeds of 4G make it impossible to stick to a monthly data cap.

If you are a casual browser, you won't quite be enamored by how detailed each screen of Infinity Blade 2 is. There is absolutely no doubt that the new iPad's screen is something else entirely - a gamechanger, at the very least. But if you aren't really intent on using your iPad to make the most of the Retina display, why not get a cheaper iPad, which has access to all your favorite apps, instead?

The ergonomics of the new iPad have hardly impressed many people. The earphone jack placement, and the slightly thicker but noticeably heavier profile are crucial factors that affect the tablet experience. If you like to read a book or browse the web on your couch for hours while you hold up your iPad, the iPad 2 will be far better for you.

In conclusion, you need to keep in mind that newer can be better in some, and not necessarily all ways. The new iPad has been plagued with complaints about heat issues, WiFi connection dropping and battery quirks. It may be a better device than the iPad 2 in the greater scheme of things, but it is also at least a $100 more expensive for every model.

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