Instapaper 4.1.1 released for the iPad

Instapaper has been an incredibly popular app in general, and especially among iPad users. Since launching in April, 2010, the app has been very well received for just how much it does while seeming to do so little. The minimalistic read-later list service was estimated to have over 2 million years at the end of last year, and with iOS devices and Kindles only getting more and more popular, the number of people using it will only increase exponentially.

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Marco Arment, the founder and creator of the Instapaper app and service, has always kept chopping and changing features for better ones down the three years it's been around. In fact, after the new iPad was launched by Apple on the 7th of this month, Instapaper 4.1 was brought to the iTunes App Store shortly after. It was designed to be compatible with and make use of the new iPad's stunning Retina Display.It also brought in a full screen reading mode and six new fonts.

Instapaper's 4.1.1 version is more of an incremental update to the 4.1 version. The new bezel swiping gestures of the new iPad have been incorporated into it now. You can make pages come in and out of view with a swipe, and swiping between paginated articles has a nice bit of animation thrown in. The dark mode has also been made more functional, as now even images get darkened with the rest of an article. This particularly helps when you compare it to how jarring bright images used to be in dark mode while in the midst of pages with low illumination.

There are a few bug fixes as well in this version, though without any earth shattering change as such. The occasional crashes in dark mode have been done away with, as has the poor rendering of the Elana font (one of the six new fonts from 4.1) in landscape mode.


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