How to get the most out of your iOS device's battery.

Apple's series of iOS devices are catered to both casual and savvy power users. Perhaps no other set of devices can do as much for as many different people. The addictive nature of every Apple device makes a heavy user out of everyone. The inevitable consequence of battery life complaints follow soon after. However, Apple devices are perhaps the best in their class in eking out every last bit of juice out of their batteries, and this article will tell you about what you might do get the most out of your iOS device.

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Avoid 3G like the plague!
This warning may be counter-intuitive to every iPad/iPhone toting user's ideas of portability, but it is important nonetheless. Using a network data connection, in general, puts a lot more strain on a battery's capacity to last through the day than using WiFi. Using 3G makes your phone depend on fluctuating network coverage, among other factors, which affect battery life negatively.

Make your screen dimmer.
This tip is fairly obvious, isn't it? The brighter your screen is, the more energy it needs to stay illuminated, and that makes your battery life lose a fair hour or two at the very least.

Optimize push notifications
Push notifications are really cool and convenient, no doubts about that. However, push notifications rely on accessing the net frequently, and guzzle a lot of battery juice. The best thing to do here is to allow only selective apps to send you push notifications, such as mail, Twitter and the likes. Your Tiny Tower can live with a bit of neglect!

The screen lock's there for a reason!
Using the auto-lock is a good idea. Keeping your screen locked dims your screen, for starters, and also prevents you from accidentally opening app(s) and wasting battery.

GPS, Bluetooth and the likes are luxuries
Having extra methods of connectivity, apart from the usual WiFi and network data, are certainly a boon. GPS may help you check-in to the great restaurant you're at on Foursquare, but when your battery charge is at a premium, just keep it for later.

This isn't an exhaustive list of battery saving tips by any means, but what you do get to know is that you don't need to buy an app to save your battery charge. Every method is extremely simple, and will definitely give you a fair amount of juice at the times you need it the most.

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