Has the New iPad Missed a Trick?

In the midst of all the fanfare since the March 7 launch of the new iPad, there has been scant criticism of Apple's latest device. One might even argue that there is precious little that Apple disappointed its fans with this time, unlike the iPhone 4S launch. The 4S saga could be best summed up as a damp squib, where, after the incessant speculation leading to its launch, all that we got was a device with minor upgrades over its predecessor. Coming to the new iPad, could there have been things that Apple should have done differently? Let's find out.

No iPad mini?

Steve Jobs once said, 'a lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.' But does that have to be true always? There's no dearth of people who'd prefer a lighter and more compact 7 inch slate, and Apple seemed to be finally heeding their wishes with a rumored device called the iPad 'mini' - an 8 inch iPad with all the other perks thrown in as usual. As it turns out, the Mini joins the ranks of many, many fictitious devices based on rumor, rather than fact.

Where did Siri go?

Apple made waves with the integration of the (phenomenally popular) Siri voice assistant in the iPhone 4S. It proved to disappoint users of other iOS devices in equal measures too, as the voice assistant was exclusive to the 4S. Now, with the launch of the new iPad, Apple chose to inexplicably leave out Siri from it as well. One figures that a tablet promoting itself as being productive would get the best productivity app of all, but Apple thinks otherwise.

Persistent storage caps

The highest storage capacity on an iPad is still 64 GB. Tablets are primarily used as media consumption devices by most users, and one doesn't have to be an all-out media guzzler to fill up 16, 32 or even 64 GB. Coupled with the fact that there is no external storage, Apple chooses to be painfully restrictive in this regard till date.

There's no denying that in its entirety, the Apple iPad has no equals in the tablet market. But, as is the wont of Apple, it falls short on some basic features and ideas that could've made the iPad even better than it is right now.


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