Apple's App Store reaches 25 billion downloads

Apple's App store, which caters to downloads and purchases of iOS apps, has just managed to reach a significant milestone. Since its launch on July 10, 2008, there have been 25 billion downloads in the App store, which is a great indicator of just how phenomenally popular Apple's iOS devices (the iPhones, iPods and iPads) have been.

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Apple had been running a countdown since the 17th of February (when it had 24.29 billion downloads). This means that the 710 million downloads needed to reach the 25 billion milestone were completed in just two weeks! Apple had also announced a contest for this countdown, where the person to make the 25 billionth download would win a $10000 App Store gift card. However, nothing is known about who got lucky just yet.

In order to provide a measure of comparability, consider this: it had taken Apple nearly a year to reach its 1 billionth App Store download. In the three odd years since then, the App Store has gone on to reach even headier heights, as nearly 96% of its current number of downloads were made since then. What is even more incredible is that Apple had launched a similar countdown (and contest) early last year to mark its 10 billionth download. Since then, the launch of the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S have helped Apple bulldoze their way through the smartphone and tablet markets.

The incredible numbers on show prove two things - the first being that the Apple policy of allowing their devices to run apps from only the App Store has worked a treat. The second, and more relevant part is the exponential increase in app downloads every year- it is a mere confirmation of just how wildly successful Apple has been in the last couple of years. When you factor in the significant number of jailbroken Apple devices (that need to rely on alternate app stores such as Cydia), the popularity of iOS reaches a whole new and unprecedented level.

(via Apple Insider)

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